Why Trump Deserves To Go To Jail

Why Trump Deserves To Go To Jail

In America, after the elections and the winner is in power, there is a peaceful transfer of power from the previous successor to the current successor. There is a worked up situation that when Trump loses, he could see eye to eye with the outcome or claim that there was election deception via mail-in ballots or foreign election supporting the Democrats. Due to Trump’s uncontrolled behaviors, he can fail to convince lawful constitution authorities about election fraud, which are groundless claims. Trump might insist that he needs some time to look into the elections asymmetry, so he can hang on to the power long enough.

Chief of armed forces could be

Chief of armed forces could be at risk after attempting a desperate way to stay in power. Trump’s official administration cannot go along with him but leave him solo to run for the executive branch. This official administration has to make correct decisions that are passing on power to correct people. Exercising illegitimate activities such as pretend character can open to imprisonment or be constricted under title since there are statutes.

Trump has been steering too many

Trump has been steering too many lawsuits due to his financial and tax dealing. Cohen declared that Trump controlled him to lie to Congress about the Trump Organization project’s length to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Therefore, Trump directed Cohen to make hush-money payments. He painted Trump’s character as a racist, conman, and a cheater. This led Trump to commit a breach of federal campaign finance law and involve himself with illegitimate activities. With this, Trump has perpetrated impediment of justice that way gaited dormant legal accountability if he stays in power, or he can as well run crimes on the clock that way doing crimes without doing time. Acts that are done on someone other than being president are outlawed by federal law.

Why Trump Deserves To Go To Jail

Developing countries have a new person in power, throwing the previous person who was in authority in jail. This is a design where leaders do whatever they like without any consequences but authoritarian governments. US does not want to look similar to developing countries, where people in the US cannot afford diabetes medication due to Trump’s financial and tax dealings that led him to various lawsuits. Trump is not just fighting for another chance to remain in the seat. He is, besides, fighting for his freedom because once Trump returns to the office. There is a better chance of him not going to prison innately resistant to criminal prosecution.

When Trump leaves that presidential office, legal law might charge him a host of charges. Such as illegally holding back military aid to Ukraine to force them to look into his political rivals and ask for campaign donations from foreign nationals. President of the United States signs up for replacement within official administration to command foreign governments to team up into strengthening scheme theories regarding politics in America. Federal laws outlaw such acts even when ordered by his excellency. This is a risk criminal prosecution through military justice systems. After deliberately being involved in the electronic observation under the law, there is criminal punishment except only after being permitted by the federal law.

The US president had wished Ukraine and China to look into Biden, who were rivals. Ukraine was declined military aid by Trump because the Ukrainians framed Russia for hacking into the DNC computer system. The European Union Gordon Sondland at the US ambassador gave proof that Giuliani worked with him at the Trump express direction with the Ukraine government to set out something in return.

Later the six House committee went about a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump at the house of representatives. Trump was indicted on the charges of misusing his presidential office and blocking Congress, but later the senate absolved him. The White House was judged by the government’s responsible office to have broken federal law by holding back the Congress, which accepted military aid to Ukraine. The military command obedience of the laws from also the president. Laws that Trump has possibly broken in his interaction with Ukraine and China as the president could land him 10 years in prison. Which is why we see him doing the very best to return to the seat to save himself from going to prison for his unlawful deeds.

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