Were humans in Heaven before they were born?

Were humans in Heaven before they were born?

Where did people come from? Before you were born, were you existing somewhere that you don’t remember? This is the question that people don’t understand and the answer to this is not difficult. To simplify the whole matter, is really complex to understand and to be put in simple illustrations. If you tried to explain this context based on simple definitions, you’d end up confusing yourself of what you’re actually talking about. Because there is a need for understanding, you can say you were existing before birth, you may say you weren’t existing before birth. To understand the idea, you may need to dig deep into how the word of God describes this.

In the context of non-existence, take

In the context of non-existence, take a look at the Book of Genesis in the time of creation and look at Adam. When God created Adam, the Bible says Adam was made from dust or clay and Adam was not living at that point. He was built completely, but he laid down in a dead way since there was no life. And it was not until God breathed the breath of life into him that he became a living soul. The same thing happened to Eve, she was created from Adam and breathed into. This simple event has its complexity when trying to understand if humans were preexisting at birth.

That context tells you that it

That context tells you that it is not until God allows life come into a soul that one becomes a living soul. Meaning that God created life as when the person is actually becoming human in their mother’s womb. In the book of Job, he says that God gives and takes away which can imply that God created life as God can take that life away. But it is not the only context that can describe it, now to look at the case of the man who was born bling that Jesus healed.

Were humans in Heaven before they were born?

When the disciples saw the man, they became anxious as to why the man was born blind, maybe he committed sin before he was born. Notice that Jesus didn’t correct them at that point and goes ahead to say that the man was made for the God to be glorified. This could mean that humans were existing somewhere that you cannot sin before you were sent into the womb to be born. As said before, the topic alone has its complexities.

Studying the case of Jacob with Esau in the Bible, the children of Isaac the child of Abraham. God said he loves Jacob and despised Esau, the reason for it is unknown, it may have been because Esau made a mistake before he was born. This could clearly mean that there is life before birth. Even David said in the book of Psalms that he was conceived in sin which could imply that David was brought from somewhere into a sinful womb. God knows all and created all, trying to understand some of His concepts could inquire some details you’d not want to follow.

Looking at the same context, why not look at the birth of Jesus Christ, since it is known widely, Jesus was existent before delivery. There is nobody that can say that Jesus was not existent before delivery and since we were made by God, this can mean that everyone who is made of God comes from a place that there is no death before they were born. Spirits cannot die, it is not easy going into details whether God has made all humans somewhere in spiritual form and then just selects them to go into wombs at delivery.

Even if that was the case, nobody knows as all memories of such places have clearly been wiped, and they start afresh when they get born. The Bible says that all spirits return to God, it could mean that those spirits were existing somewhere for them to “return” to their maker. Because, return means to go back to a place that somebody came from. Understanding this brings lots of questions like why don’t you remember living in that place, since God lives in heaven, if you came from heaven, why don’t you remember it? Unfortunately, these questions cannot be answered by humans as only God has the answers.

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