Movies you must watch before dying

Movies you must watch before dying

Movie producers are people that spend hours trying to create movies that the public would enjoy, and it’s not all of them that come out as intended. Some producers have outdone their mates by coming up with superb movies that everyone should watch before death comes knocking on the door, and this writing piece will introduce those movies. These movies contained here are the best movies that have graced viewer’s screens, and they’ve got different production dates.

Titanic is a romantic movie that was made in 1997, and won different laurels after it was released to for public viewing. It’s a movie that was centered on love as Jack sacrificed his life for Rose to successfully survive a ship wreck after their ship hit an iceberg. Since 1997, titanic has remained an enjoyable movie for anyone that’s looking for a nice film to see. Titanic was a hit in 1997, so it’s success means that it’s one of the movies you have to see before you die.

The Matrix; Action movies don't come

Lord of the Rings: The first part of this interesting movie was made in 2001, winning many awards after being released to cinemas. After seeing huge success on our screens, producers started making more parts of the film, as they added more plots to an interesting story. An action-packed story that gets people glued to their screen till it ends, it’s one movie that everyone should definitely see before dying.

The Matrix; Action movies don’t come better than a movie produced in 1999, known as “Matrix”. Matrix took the movie industry by storm as producers used superb sci-fi animations to present their ideas of a good story.

Everybody that has seen “Matrix” has given positive reviews that make others rush to see it. After acting matrix, the main actor called Keanu Reeves became popular with matrix winning him various awards. Matrix is characterized with superb effects, and it’s even more exciting because it was made in 1999, when there were limited software to edit movies.

Movies you must watch before dying

Equilibrium is another action movie that you must see before death comes, and it was produced in 2002 which was a year that saw many superb movies being produced. This movie called equilibrium has a sweet plot which actors involved interpreted perfectly, giving viewers something to enjoy. Even as its production year passed, the movie has continued to thrill people, so it’s one you must see too.

A beautiful mind (2001); it’s rare to see a biography being acted or portrayed as perfectly as a beautiful mind. Producers hired talented actors who played their part in making the movie a memorable one for anybody that sees it. The drama on show in “A beautiful mind” can melt hearts, making it a must-watch for people that are yet to watch it. There are other movies that you can think of watching that will surely interest you, but these ones are the ones that you should try hard to watch. They were acted to give viewers something to enjoy, and they’ve delivered on that promise since their release dates.

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