How safe is it to drive with blown shock absorbers?

How safe is it to drive with blown shock absorbers?

Driving your car with its shock absorbers blown is a risky affair. With blown shocks, your tires will wear out unevenly. The body of the car without the help of shock absorbers, will distribute the weight unevenly on your tires. This will cause your tires to wear out unevenly and pose a safety risk as they can get a puncture or blow up anytime. A blown tire in the middle of a highway might cause an ugly accident, to avoid such a scenario your shocks should be in perfect working condition. With working shocks your tires will experience the same amount of stress because the weight is equally distributed.

Shocks absorb the impact of rugged

Shocks absorb the impact of rugged terrains protecting your car from wearing out. Without shocks the chassis of your car will bang on the road when navigating rugged terrain. Banging the chassis on rocks and other protruding objects in a rugged terrain may cause serious damage to your car greatly increasing your chance of getting into an accident. If your crank shaft breaks when descending a steep slope steering your car safely will be impossible without proper working shocks absorbing the impact. To avoid costly repair costs to your car, it is advisable to install strong, durable shocks to absorb turbulence of rugged terrain.

How safe is it to drive with blown shock absorbers?

Steering a car with blown shocks is a hard task, harder if the car is at high speed. When steering, you need to have a steady hand as a driver. This helps you maneuver along the road with diligence as you have good control of your car. With blown shock absorbers, the car has little ability to absorb shock generated with every bumpy stretch the car runs over. If you cannot control your car with ease because of the jostling that comes with driving a car with blown shocks, chances of you being involved in an accident goes up significantly.

Blown shocks if left unchecked can lead to serious damage to your car as parts start becoming loose from all the rattling. With every rough stretch you drive over, bolts and nuts holding parts of the car in place grow looser. If pushed to the limits your car will start dropping parts with every bump in the road because they have grown loose. Something important falls off while you are driving fast and you will crash into on-coming traffic. To stay safe and cut on the maintenance cost of your car it would be wise to monitor keenly the state of your shocks replacing them when needed.

Cars with blown shocks are not only uncomfortable to drive in but also dangerous. Proper working shock absorbers serve to cushion occupants of the car from being tossed around in the car when navigating rough stretches of terrain or when the car runs over road bumps. A speeding car with blown out shocks would injure its occupants by smashing them against its interior. If the driver suffers a significant concussion and blacks out the car would crash injuring the other passengers. Driving around with blown shock absorbers is a reckless decision to make.

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