Frank’s Advice On Election

Frank’s Advice On Election

Frank denounces president Donald Trump and urges the public to vote, he was not impressed by the evening debate. Donald faced off against his opponent that is the former vice president by the name Joe Biden. The debate has taken many by storm, the exchange was littered with questionable moments and responses that are currently being discussed on social media. Even Frank has added his thoughts on an instagram story.

He believes Donald might bot leave

He believes Donald might bot leave the White House even if he loses the race many also do believe that. Frank believes watching him dragged out will be way more entertaining than the debates, he urges his audience to make their voice heard by registering to vote over on his blonded website. He goes ahead and join the others on a platform that will help in advising the supporters to vote. He is so much into this though since, the beginning of this year he hasn’t posted anything on instagram. Ocean encourages his listeners to register for the coming election.

Frank's Advice On Election

This was not the first time ocean asked his audience to vote, in the year 2018 he asked his audience to perticipate in the midterm election special radio shows where he urges his listeners to vote. He is planning to vote for the first time during this election and give his audiences all the reasons for them to vote.

Ocean was born in the year 1987 on October, in California, when he was a child he moved to New Orleans where he spent the majority of his youth, but moved to Los Angeles in his late teen to pursue a career in music Ocean was exposed to jazz scene, and also listened to his mother R and B CDs. While in high school, he began recording music and worked various odd jobs to pay for the studio time.

At this point the place where he was recording was affected by flood this bringing him to a point where he had to stop his education and go back to his career. He decided to focus on the music goal, his aim on going back to Los Angeles was to press on his recording plans. Ocean wanted to spend there on a short period which did not happen. As time went by, he continued to make meaningful contacts within the music industry, this leading him to extend his stay. For him to make money during this time, he took a job of processing insurance claims.

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