Dana White To Speak On Trump’s Rally

Dana White To Speak On Trump’s Rally

Dana White, a donor of the Donald Trump campaign, has gotten a speaker slot for the RNC. White, who is a longtime friend of the President of the United States, will give his speech on the last night of the Republican National Convention. The person in charge of the UFC will speak for his friend, Donald, at the new convention that would take place in the next few days. Dana, who is now 51 years of age, will be among those that would make a special appearance on that day, and others that will also be there include Rudy Giuliani, who is working for him.

Others are Mitch McConnell and Ivanka

Others are Mitch McConnell and Ivanka Trump, the senior adviser for Donald Trump. After all that, Donald Trump will still speak to those that would attend through digital platforms, and he will make this speech from the Presidential residence. This appearance shows more backing from Dana White for his friend, who gave an amazing speech to support Donald Trump four years ago at the same place before the last election. While making his speech, Dana White told those present that Donald Trump had been showing his support for the Ultimate Fighting Championship since it began some years back.

Dana White To Speak On Trump's Rally

He did this by allowing them to hold some events at the Taj Mahal resort situated in New Jersey. And this happened during a period when the sport of Mixed martial arts was still finding it hard to be accepted by the public. According to his speech in 2016, Donald Trump took charge of Ultimate Fighting Championship before it became popular, and started growing into a profitable enterprise. For that, he will always appreciate him for being with them during those early periods. In light of that, he declared his support for him. Steve Forbes, the media chairman for Forbes, alongside Laura Fink, still spoke more about the Republican National Convention, and some major concerns they are facing in the country.

Aside from the appearances he makes to support Trump, Dana White is a well-known donor. He donated one million dollars to the “America First Action”. Based on what Dana said, Trump is a fighter who loves the nation so much, and is always doing good things for them. During the rally that was held in Colorado earlier this year, White told everyone that they need to win the upcoming election for the second time. Dana White was also one of the major sports officials that were in an organised task force. The task force was made to re-open the economy of the United States from the lockdown due to the worldwide crisis.

During an interview with FOX Business three months ago, White still commended Donald Trump for making efforts to bring back sports. He further stated that the President has been showing concern for everything that concerns the resumption of every activity that was halted because of the global issue. Aside from that, he is making good plans to help in developing the economy of the US, and to take them back to where they belong.

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